#MANG2049 Topic 1: “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents”

Hi! Firstly, what i understand is that “Digital Visitors” are individuals who use the Web/Social sites for a certain task to attain their goal. They will not be on the Web for a long period of time continuously and do not use the Web often. Many Visitors i know have an issue with the Web because of identity problems as they fear that the Web will bring problems on about their privacy and identity theft. They feel that the Web does not give to them any benefits and some even feel that it is a waste of time. Therefore, Visitors find little value in belonging online.

Whereas, “Digital Residents” are individuals who deem the Web as of utmost importance to them and a platform where they can share information about their daily life or experience with their family or friends. Residents see going online as going back to a community to spend their time virtually. Online, Residents can express opinion and even forge or extend a relationship. Therefore, Residents find great value in belonging online and sharing their life with the online community.

Personally, I am definitely a Resident as i go online very often, almost as often as every 5 mins and find it absolutely difficult to live without my electronic gadgets.  I use multiple social sites such as snapchat, instagram and twitter etc. However, i find it a point to not get too addicted and spend my time on meaningful activities instead. You can look at the bottom part of my website to have a look at my social sites! 🙂




4 thoughts on “#MANG2049 Topic 1: “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents”

  1. Jef Tan Yi Yang says:

    Greetings Hazel,
    I have read and enjoyed your blog post regarding “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents”. Thank you for giving me more in-depth information regarding this discussion topic.
    I feel that being an active Social Media user has many benefits. Although it may be considered as a “waste of time” by certain people, I feel that it is an efficient way to catch up with your many circles of friends, some of them you might not even see them face-to-face regularly and vice versa.
    With Social Media, there are also many deals and offers for online shopping, and there are also many golden job opportunities up for grabs. Those “Digital Visitors” that do not frequent these platforms might just miss all these totally.
    However, I also feel that whenever you go out with your friends or family, do take note to relish the moment and enjoy it to the fullest!

    -Jef Tan Yi Yang

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  2. waldenlive says:

    Hi Hazel, your post is an interesting one and I had a good read ! I agree with you on the part whereby you explained how “Digital Visitors” are not totally involved in the digital world and that they only use it for specific reasons, such as, fishing relevant information online, which are work-related. “Digital Visitors” do not have a digital identity/profile to keep. “Digital Residents” on the other hand goes on the web for communication, interaction and it is like our second home, just like how you relate yourself to being a “Digital Residents”. As you mentioned, it is also important to dedicate some time for our loved ones!



  3. beatricehan says:

    Hi Hazel!
    Thank you for your post on digital residents and digital visitors. It really does give me more information about the topic you are talking about. Maybe as this is a blog post, it would be nice to write in a more informal and fun way especially on the explanation part. I feel that as much as there are advantages of being a resident such as being able to connect with your friends easily and get updated with their life, there are disadvantages as well. This includes being too exposed to the online community leading to cyber-bullying and cyber hacks etc. But i do agree on the point of not being too addicted and spending your time on more useful things!
    With love, Beatrice


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