Online identities: Mutiple sides of me

Topic 2: managing your online identity


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A long long longgg time ago, many users used to be apprehensive of exposing themselves online for the fear of invasion of their privacy. That is also why Friendster and MySpace came about. Users could hide themselves behind their electronic screens and still have their own personas online!

Howbeit, it’s not the case nowadays. Users love to share their personal life online, posting pictures, meeting up to know each other better and etc. Different social media sites are used to express different online identities of the user. For instance, Facebook would be classified as work related or keeping in touch with friends and family while Twitter would be classified as a platform to rant about daily happenings.

Undoubtedly, there are several advantages and disadvantages to having multiple online identities.


An advantage to me would be that it allows the user to showcase that they really want to ‘put out there’ in the public, so it relieves the stress of having to perfect all their social sites. This in turn brings people closer as those with similar liking would form into the same communities. Nowadays, many more global issues are being discussed online such as LGBT opinions or the upcoming presidential election.


An disadvantage to me would be identity theft. Identity theft is the use of another person’s personal information to acquire loans and commit some actions that might be wrong.  To be honest, I’ve never exactly thought deep about online identity because I feel that as long as you don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the threats online, it should do fine right? For example, not sharing too much for the sake of privacy etc. Yet after much research, I realised I thought wrong. Just a fun fact/statistic:

  • In 2014, more than 1 billion records containing personally identifiable information were leaked.1

This shows that we are very vulnerable to online threats. Also, more than often, we tend to succumb to the norm online and pursue the negative sides of behaving online like some of the rest. Which is a BIG minus point.

To summarise most that I’ve mentioned and to add the final touch, I feel that this video would be an apt choice! (well does the creator have an obvious online identity too? 🙂 )


(384 Words excluding references)

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6 thoughts on “Online identities: Mutiple sides of me

  1. doxjt says:

    Hi Hazel! Really an interesting post top up with a really enjoyable yet insightful video! It brings me to a whole new level of realization on how we perceived the Internet changes and evolves throughout the years!

    When I look back, I do remember the times where my parents always reminded me not to share too much personal information online, and only uses these online tools for specific purposes! But now, it is indeed very different! We no longer have too much fear towards the Internet, especially with many protection laws of personal information being implemented as well! This can be supported by the statistics shown on the increasing number of Facebook users, where real personal information is needed to sign up. However, I do agree that we may still remain vulnerable to online threats due to leaks of our personal information! Just being curious, how would you view the need of multiple online identities on separating professional and personal reasons of online engagement? Would you see having multiple identities as a advantage or disadvantage in this case?


    1. hymh96 says:

      Hellooo Dayna. Thanks for sparing the time to check out my post and I’m glad the video was enjoyable for you because it was for me! Same here, I even remember when my parents used to show me real-life cases of online scams and it kinda scare me. I agree with the increasing implementation of laws, however I feel that some users get complacent and I have known several who even uploaded his/her personal address!

      Personally, I feel that the use of separate professional and personal accounts is an essential as it allows the individual to draw a line between his/her work or private life. For example, if the individual does not have separate accounts and posts his/her private life, their superior/colleagues might change opinions on the individuals. Therefore, I think having multiple online identities has more of a advantage than disadvantage! I hope this helps to answer any doubts on my views 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. charissaljy says:

    Hi Hazel!

    I totally agree with “different social media sites are used to express different online identities of the user.” As quoted by a social media researcher danah boyd, (
    “different sites, different audiences, different purpose.” We are not the same in front of all our friends and same goes for the virtual world.

    According to your video, conformity causes us to put our real particulars online on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn where our potential employers may assess us based on these sites. Therefore, I feel that it is ok to have various online identities to communicate with different audiences.

    You mentioned that a disadvantage to having multiple online identities would be identity theft. However I felt that even with a single online identity, one would still be vulnerable to or even more prone to online threats as they are more easily identifiable. In my opinion, after a read from cbsnews, ( identity theft is beyond our control, what do you think? 🙂


    1. hymh96 says:

      My apologies as I was trying to mean that having multiple online identities (multiple social accounts) would increase the chances of identity theft as the user is gaining more exposure as compared to a single online identity!

      My apologies as I was trying to mean that I feel having multiple online identities (multiple social accounts) would increase the chances of identity theft as the user is gaining more exposure as compared to a single online identity! Thanks for the informative website 🙂
      I agree that it is certainly beyond our control as many daily goings are constantly being posted online, credit transactions, personal information. However, it is also the user’s responsibility to post what is deemed appropriate to prevent identity theft. I hope this clears your doubts on my views to the issue!


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