Topic 2: Reflection on having multiple online identities



After gaining more in-depth knowledge via researching and reading the views of my classmates’ on the issues from their blogs, it gave me a better understanding of the topic. I realized that having multiple online identities is a form of escapism for users as it allows them to express themselves differently in various social platforms. However, it is important to private your personal accounts and only publicise what you think is suitable for the public’s eyes.

What caught my eye was both Jef and Dayna mentioned the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his thinking of having only one online identity so that it is constant and not deemed as unreliable. I agree to that comment to a certain extent as 91% of prospective employers, as shown on Jef’s blog, prefers to conduct their primary search on social networking sites before hiring the candidate. If the employer finds out the contrasting multiple online identities of the candidate, the employer might have second thoughts regarding the reliability of the candidate. In my opinion, what could be done is to private the social sites that the user wish to keep it more personal, and to touch up on their work profiles online.

In conclusion, I feel that this topic on “Online Identities” was extremely engaging as I could relate to it. Having multiple online identities is not suggested for everyone as some don’t prefer the chore of having several accounts. Before deciding to have one or many online identities, I feel that the user must weigh the pro and cons.



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