Topic 3: Building YOUR professional digital profile



The first question is, why do you need a professional digital profile? In the past, recruitment used to be done mostly via newspapers or by referrals. Nowadays, many employers have turned to social recruitment, regardless it being professional profile sites like LinkedIn or social media sites.  As quoted by Brooke Tores, ( “In fact, 92% of companies are using social media for hiring—and we’re not only talking about LinkedIn.” this shows how important a professional digital profile is.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at the picture below. It’s a survey by LinkedIn on 2015 Global Recruiting Trends. As shown, internet job boards and social profile networks are the top for leading countries (US and UK) in the world for hiring sources. Within the next 5-10 years, online recruitment would still be the trend which is why I feel that there is a need to start preparing early.


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The 3 steps to building YOUR professional digital profile:

  • Building different resumes for different jobs with the same skill sets but with differing language structure.
  • Showcasing your expertise out on the Web so employers will be satisfied after trying to support their recruitment decision (i.e blogging, coming up with original works, having a densely-populated professional profile and a decent social account)
  • Be truthful about what is written in your resume, try not to bite off more than you can chew.

This would at least ensure a decent resume, or if done well, the individual will gain an online presence in the eyes of the prospective employers.

Has anyone heard of Casey Neistat? Let me tell you more about him. He is a filmmaker, director, editor, the star of the very famous series ‘The Neistat Brothers’ and spares time daily to update his YouTube account. His media career had a very rocky start but now, the YouTube star and social media sensation has fully used the changing media landscape for his successful online career. Oh, did I mention that he has 2.5 million subscribes? I think I can confidently say that Casey Neistat has a prominent online presence.

Here’s a video below about him!


To conclude, I feel that an digital professional profile should be developed not just well, but also to be distributed well so as to gain an advantage. I feel that I need to apply it well to gain employment and networking opportunities.

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2 thoughts on “Topic 3: Building YOUR professional digital profile

  1. rebeccaljm95 says:

    Hello Hazel!
    Thanks for listing down the steps to build a professional online profile. I found the guide easy to follow and precise as well.

    However I would like to enquire on what you mentioned in regards to this quote “building different resumes for different jobs with the same skill sets but with differing language structure”.
    I am aware on the differences on resumes for different jobs but how would the same skill sets be of use if it was for different jobs? For instances, an individual with certain qualification, how could the skill he/she had being a doctor such as “patient care skill” be of use in lecturer job position? It is a rather vague statement and I would like to enquire further elaboration on this.

    At the same time, what are the different ways that individuals can do to improve their professional online profiles? How would the individual outshine and stand out from other applicants to their recruiters?

    (158 WORDS)


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