Topic 3: Reflection on building a professional digital profile

I found this topic to be very challenging and mind-provoking as it is a very diverse topic that can be interpreted differently by individuals. After reading my peers’ blog posts on this topic, I feel that most of us has mentioned about using blogging or social media to build on our professional digital profile. It can be a way of showcasing passion or either a form of ‘self-promoting’. This topic definitely gave me a better understanding of creating an edge for myself in the future when applying for jobs. I felt that I could do better in my blog post if I included some tips on how to perfect a professional profile.

Beatrice discussed about the ways to building a professional profile and what I felt that was interesting that she mentioned was video resumes. She mentioned about it becoming increasingly popular among the employers, which might allow the candidates to gain an edge when they are being chosen. Rebecca on the other hand, talked about the importance of a digital professional profile and the steps to create a good profile.





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