Topic 4: Reflection on social media ethics

This topic made me realized that no one has no control over the others in having good ethics on social media, with freedom of speech present. However, you can be the rose among the thorns by maintaining good ethics 🙂 Some examples of good ethics are respecting others, accepting the differences between cultures/religions and in my blog post on social media ethics, maintaining transparency online during social media marketing. The Gushclould Saga ended with the public losing confidence in not only Singtel and their policies but also social media marketing, how much truth is inside every sponsored post. Social media marketing might not be as effective anymore.

After reading my peers’ posts, I learnt about other sides of social media ethics. Charissa also mentioned about social media marketing, while Wan Ni mentioned unethical behaviors with the root cause being social media.

I thought it was interesting that Charissa she had a slightly different view and elaborated on the issue on ethical/unethical advertising. After doing some research, I feel that organisations hire influencers marketing companies as social media is an extremely effective marketing tool and it can reach more number of audiences with a shorter period of time. Howbeit, this can cause ethical issues to occur; influencers/companies being untruthful and disrespect among individuals.

Wan Ni linked the two causes of bad ethics on social media to freedom of speech and the speed that social media can spread to different audiences. Which was thought was good learning points as she mentioned the right way of behaving online.

In conclusion, be sure to maintain good social ethics online and to maintain a healthy relationship with people online. Make social media a better place for everyone! Just want to include a short video of what NOT to do to make sure that happens.



Wan Ni:


Adams, T. (2014). 10 Ethical Issues in Social Media #CajigasSMLL. Available at: [Accessed 14 Nov. 2016].



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