Topic 5: Reflection on Open Access

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Considering the pros and cons of Open Access (OA), my opinion of OA being necessary still stands. Having free content available online allows many to benefit from it, especially from an education aspect. Before coming across this topic, I’ve never heard of the term ‘Open Acess’. However, after researching about this topic, I’ve learnt how to appropriately use content online and I’m glad for the existence of OA (as a student).

Chancing upon Wan Sia’s post, she talked about Paid Access being necessary at times and I agree with her on that. I feel that Paid Access gives due credit and encourages the author to produce more work. Howbeit, this made me think, what if the content that the user paid for is not up to standard, will this instead discourage the user from Paid Access?

I liked how Sher Ying used social media sites as an example of a form of OA and this made me feel like I could relate better. OA gives everybody among the public an equal chance for learning online.

Misconceptions of OA

  • The author does not retain copyright. The author in fact retains full copyright for his work.
  • Your publication will not be peer reviewed. Your work will STILL be reviewed by a panel of experts before being published.
  • Your publication will not be indexed in scholarly databases. The publication will be indexed.
  • Your publication will not have an impact factor. Number of citations still important.

Ways the content producers can protect their work

  • Watermark. Content producers can insert a watermark in their content to give credit to the original owner.
  • By adding copyright warnings on your website. Easy for others to notice.




Sher Ying


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