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Final post for this module and the start of another module. It was my first time having online classes and I was afraid that I would not be able to handle the new method of learning. Howbeit, the teaching was conducted in a interesting method and easy to understand. 


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Talking about having multiple online identities, I decided to create a separate account for this module to post more professional content. In my personal account, I used to tweet miscellaneous information and this can appear to be unprofessional.


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Blogging used to be a daily activity for me, but in a more casual way, just listing down what I did for the day. Never would I thought that I would blog for a module! To use one way to describe this blog, I feel that it is a platform for me to showcase my research and ability in producing good content.

As this blog progresses and as I see my improvement, I am proud to be cited by my classmates and glad to be able to contribute to their posts!



Having started this module made me want to add more information to my profile on LinkedIn, so that I can provide my future employers with a good first online impression. I first created my LinkedIn account about a year and a half ago when I was having intern.

Here are my  before and after self-test scores. Although I have made improvements since the start of the module, I hope to perfect the scores in the future.


Below is a summary of my reflection and what I’ve learnt from this module:

Topic 1:

Digital Residents or Visitors should not be categorized by age, but rather by the ability and purpose of the usage of the individual.

Topic 2:

Having multiple online identities is alright, as long as it is managed properly. Privacy, security and online content is important.

Topic 3:

By following the tips on building an authentic digital professional profile, you can have a decent profile, add value to yourself and probably increase employment chances. It is important to list down authentic information about yourself in the profile, do not provide false information.

Topic 4:

What you see online/on social media might not always be the whole picture. Always look at the situation objectively and do not commit unethical acts. Be responsible for your own actions online.

Topic 5:

Open Access is a privilege and we should be thankful towards the authors for sharing their content online for free. Especially in the education aspect.

Key Learning Points



I try to bear in mind that information posted online are made public, and that I should exercise caution with content I put online. In the future, I would like my profile to be portrayed as an excellent one.

I hope my blog have been an enjoyment for you guys! Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to Lisa, Sarah and Nicholas for being so helpful to towards us and educating me on the skills to develop my personal digital profile. Which would be a great help in my future jobs. 🙂

[Word count: 524 words]


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